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Chicken Pot Roast

Chicken pot roast may not be something you think of if you’re not from the south.  Traditionalists will tell you a pot roast should be beef but I didn’t have a beef roast in the freezer, I had chicken. I also had potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic.  I ‘ve got a rosemary bush in the […]

Savory Quinoa Muffins

Early morning breakfasts at the Red Dog Coffee and Café in our hometown have become a comfortable happenstance on those mornings when we’re just not up to doing it ourselves. We call these days, walking breakfasts and, living in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains we’re afforded a lot of outdoor time and we spend a […]

Honey of a Deal

I’m on a two-lane gravel road, lost deep in the heart of the Texas Hill Country somewhere SE of Austin, Texas about twenty minutes as the crow flies looking for a honey of a deal.  I’m following Russell Farr’s old pick-up truck as he guides me out to his honey farm.  Russell is a rancher […]

Cast Iron Potato Pancakes

My great grandmother named my maternal grandmother, Mallie Ernestine. Family lore tells us my great grandfather gasped, “Mallie Ernestine?” Then he looked down at his newborn daughter and said, “Think I’ll call her Fat.” Thus began the nicknaming tradition. My grandmother had five sisters, each with their own nickname – Boose, Fiddle, Hun, Bug and […]

Shrimp and Pasta with Shallots and Lemon Pepper Olive Oil

This recipe for Pasta and Shrimp with Shallots and Lemon Pepper Olive Oil is the left-over result from a small dinner party. We bought a pound of Costco’s cooked shrimp seasoned with fresh cilantro and limes as an appetizer, they were well received and enjoyed by our guests. Couple of days later we were fridge […]

Valentine’s Day Chocolate

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and my wife and I were slogging through our local grocery and rounded the corner into one of those seasonal aisles that are constantly changing and discovered Valentine’s Day chocolate. Suddenly, surrounded by pink and red heart shaped cards, balloons and boxed Valentine’s Day chocolate, my wife noticed the […]